Alternative Medicines are a Cure for Hemorrhoids

Alternative Medicines are a Cure for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels that form under the lining of the anal and rectal areas.  Just like varicose veins, hemorrhoids allow blood to pool instead of returning to the heart and they cause painful swelling of the tissue surrounding them.  There are many conventional treatments for hemorrhoids, but recently alternative medicine is providing unconventional options that are becoming a viable cure for hemorrhoids among people who wish to avoid traditional medicine and the related side effects.

Nutritional therapy is one area that offers a promising cure for hemorrhoids.  Vitamins like C and various bioflavonoids have been shown to strengthen blood vessel walls in the entire body.  This is particularly important in the case of hemorrhoids where damage to blood vessel walls is often the precipitating factor to hemorrhoid development.

Dietary changes suggested by nutritional therapy ease symptoms and have value in preventing hemorrhoids.  Certain foods such as red pepper and mustard can irritate hemorrhoids when they pass out of the body.  Beverages with lots of caffeine or chemicals are also irritants and are best avoided.    The cure for hemorrhoids is often found as well in eating a diet rich in soluble and insoluble fiber and raw vegetables.  Particularly excellent food choices include whole grains, wheat bran, and fiber rich fruits like apples and pears.  Carrots and spinach are great choices too.  They have lots of fiber and also have vitamins and antioxidants that help the body heal and ward off infection and inflammation.

Herbal medicine is applicable as a cure for hemorrhoids.  Herbs have long been used to shrink and strengthen the blood vessels in the anal area.  Witch hazel is a traditional treatment with great benefits.  Witch hazel pads are readily available and although they sting when first applied to hemorrhoids, they are very effective at reducing symptoms and decreasing the size of the hemorrhoids themselves.  Other herbs such as bayberry bark, horse chestnut, and ginkgo are commonly used to treat this ailment and are promising in the search for a cure for hemorrhoids.

Aromatherapy used in combination with a warm water bath is a promising treatment that is not often discussed.  Several essential oils such as cypress and geranium are beneficial when added to a warm sitz bath and soaked into the skin a few times a day.

Another practice of alternative medicine has beneficial effects in treating hemorrhoids.  Yoga is a gentle and low impact.  It doesn’t pull or irritate the inflamed area, but the stretching and movement that are a part of yoga often relieves constipation and improves circulation to all areas of the body, including the anal and rectal areas.

When looking for a cure for hemorrhoids, make sure to consider alternative medicine.  Many of the treatments are non-invasive, economical, and can provide lasting relief.